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In August 2007, a small group of guys talked over a fire about the idea of starting a fun club involving hunting and sportsmanship. The initial ideas were simple...get a group of friends together to hunt, share stories, and learn from one another. We'll come up with awards & contests with friendly side bets tied to them. After all, most of us were neighbors in Valley View so it would be fun to drive the competition and brotherhood. We would meet every 2 weeks to recap our hunts, typically over a few beers at the local tavern. When the first hunting season began in September, we had 12 members and the word was getting around about a new, fun club called the Valley View Hunt Club. Not knowing what would come out of this, all of this happened:

Est. 2007

The Valley View Hunt Club (501(C)7 Tax ID: 80-0400355) is a private organization consisting of a brotherhood of hunters, fisherman, and overall good sportsmen promoting ethics and education within our community and membership. Our organization's goals are to provide club assets & organized activities for our membership that overall will bring value for them. We strive to maintain a private club for the sole purpose of having a small membership that builds a solid band of brothers...friends that can trust each other, work together, hunt together, and hopefully build long lasting relationships amongst our families forever.

We are more than just hunters though. Throughout the years we have distinguished ourselves from other sportsman clubs by sponsoring terminally-ill children and sending them on hunting/fishing dream vacations. We used to do this through the Catch-A-Dream Foundation. Now, our charitable 501(c)3 organization is now called the WildLife 4 ChildLife and was founded in 2014. It is supported & founded by the Valley View Hunt Club (See WildLife 4 ChildLife page for more info).

Overall, 14 years have gone by and our club has established itself as a legitimate private organization. We continue to build our asset base for our membership so together we can enjoy the sport we love so much, while raising money to help give children the opportunity to love it with us.

2007 Founding Fathers & Officers

Current Officer Board

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